What’s the BEST WAY to grow? CHANGE!


Greetings Killer!

Hey, I was wondering…

Why have so many ACTION TAKING badasses like yourself been signing up for my EMAIL newsletters every day?

Maybe it’s just because every time you sexy motherfvckers read them you instantly start feeling..


You realize how POWERFUL this literary gold really is.
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HOW to be the MOST SOCIAL person everywhere you go.. (READ THIS)


Hey man,

You gonna join me in some ass kicking today?

Today is FRIDAY motherfvcka, but I have to make this message short

…I’m writing this from a cab…

I was being a social fvcking god and next thing I new, I had a couple choices as to where I was wanted to sleep last night 😉
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All GREAT Men have this… Here’s how you can too

Greetings Champ,

I have got some words packed with IMMENSE value to share with you today, mostly because I realized how much better life can be when you change a few of the most basic things in your life.

You deserve the best, so I’ll give you something even better.
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The INVESTMENT That Got Me LAID over and over and over.

Yo badass

What’s up?

I don’t know what it is, but you just seem really motivated and confident today.

I love it!

Anywho, I just got one hell of an ironic phone call today. Basically a phone call that makes EVERY guy feel like a fvcking king.

Guess who it was?

My EX.

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